Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work for Google?
No, I do not work for Google.

Do you send robocalls?
No, I never send robocalls.

Do you guarantee the first page?
No, I do not guarantee that you will show up on the first page or first business listing on Google.

How long will this take?
With all of the contributing factors, I cannot tell you how soon your ranking will increase or by how much. Overall, doing everything correctly takes time, and so does ranking higher within your industry and city.

What is the best platform for building a website for SEO?
I think WordPress is the best website platform for proper SEO.

Do you build websites?
No, I do not build websites, my business partner Westport Geeks does. You can read more about them HERE. Overall, I can code and design, but some things are better left to specific experts for an SEO friendly layout and design. If you already have a website, the price of my service does not include paying a professional to fix your website. I can tell you what to fix, but it is up to you the client to fix your website issues as you choose. If you would like to use my web design partners, the average cost for a typical business is around $600 if you hire my experts to fix an existing site. If you would like, we can provide you a bid for a new site or a price to migrate your site into a WordPress mobile-friendly website.

Do I need an SSL certificate?
Definitely! You will need to purchase an SSL through your hosting company.

Will I need to pay for anything else?
You will want to make sure your domain name is paid up for the next 10 years. It is not necessary but it will help a lot because it shows Google that you are a legitimate company that plans on being around for a long time.

Do you offer web hosting and support?
Yes, we offer web hosting and website support. We use A2, the fastest server on the market along with Amazon Cloud for backups and data such as videos. We also provide updates and security.

Will you help me along the way?
Yes, I will show you and tell you everything I know that I think will help you. I will teach you how to not pay me. This costs extra. I do use Teamviewer with every client so we are always on the same page with respect to your needs and mine. I answer most calls between the hours of noon and midnight, however, I have many clients that call at 2 or 3 am. I think the best time for a client to call me is at 2 pm and I do not text nor do I do very well on a Mac.

Do you accept all businesses?
Sorry no. I do decline to help some businesses. Not because I don’t like your business but because I am a pretty good judge of what my skills are and I need to work with people who care and who will do what needs to be done. I only do 1 service industry company within 25 miles of another (Give or take, except Bars and Restaurants) so if you are
good plumber and hire me, I will not help your local competitors.

Have you worked with a lot of clients?
I have created and optimized more than 100 Google My Business listings and I have more than 100 happy clients.

How do you bill?
I bill auto pay through a secure processor.

Are you considered white hat SEO?
Yes. I am a white hat who absolutely follows the exact rules and interpolates for the future. It will be a difficult process for most clients to realize and understand their mistakes and understand that Google is like the meanest smartest teacher you could imagine. Google has no sense of humor and does not tolerate mistakes. Google makes the rules and does not tell you how they rank your site, they just give hints. Winning is more than just an art or a science, and I will take any luck that comes our way.

What happens if I want to leave?
Everything I do, you own.

Do you do anything else besides my Google business listing?
Yes, I make and optimize you a Bing, Yelp, Facebook, and recommend paying Moz local $88 a year to submit your website and NAP and pics and keywords and categories to most of the most important directories.

Isn’t Google Business free?
Yes, Google My Business is free and yes you can do it all by yourself. Good Luck.

Do you help with online advertising?
I do not do Adwords, but every client should spend enough to realize why or why not. I do not do Facebook Ads, but most clients should test their luck. I can make your ad for you, but this is not what I specialize in.

Do you outsource work?
No. I work alone and I outsource nothing, except extras you pay for that are not included in my services, such as Google Inside, or things I do not know how to do because I am not getting paid to learn nor did I offer.

Will I pay in full or monthly?
Yes, if you sign up for 6 months you need to pay in full in 6 months regardless of how fast your listing tops out. I do most of the work in the first two months, spend the third month on testing, and the last 3 months dialing it in. I want to be paid $30 for every hour, my competitors charge more for less. I do the difficult things and the easy things in order of precedence, not in order of profit for me or easy ways to trick you. I am not a bill collector. I use fiver for that.

Are you competitive?
Yes, I like to win, and I cannot stand to lose. I am a good sport, however, I cannot fix your business without your help and support.

Do you have references?
Yes, you can take my phone and call any contact I have for a reference.

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