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Bring Your Small Business Into Light

If you are reading this website chances are you are looking to garner more attention on the Internet for your small business. Maybe you did your website yourself and also tried your hand at SEO or you hired a so ¬called professional to help enhance your business reputation and online web presence so you can rank higher for the correct keywords that bring in new business and now you are wondering why your competitors rank higher in Google than your business does. Lucky for you, you have found exactly who you have been searching for. For over a decade Near Me Local Search has been helping small businesses just like yours thrive by the use of proper Internet marketing techniques that obey all the rules of Google Webmaster and Google search. Everything we do is designed to improve as the algorithms in the future improve. Our goal is trying to set the example in each and everything we do. Quality content and trust are the two most important things that determine where your website listing and your business listing appears on Google for any given keyword search. 90% of all new business calls go to the first three listings. If you want your telephone to ring more often my call to action to you is for you to understand your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

The first and the best thing a small business can do to improve their web presence is to realize the mistakes they have made in the past so they can enhance their future. Google has no sense of humor and does not tolerate mistakes. Inconsistencies and inaccuracies for your business listing such as varied telephone numbers, different addresses, errors in your website code, non mobile ¬friendly website, slow loading times, and so many other problems cause Google to penalize your website and your ranking. No matter how much new content you provide the mistakes from your past will hold your ranking from its true potential position. In order to spend your budget wisely you need an expert interpretation of the SEO audit so you can spend your hard ¬earned income the best way possible to improve your ranking and improve your bottom line. Otherwise, you can continue to pay Google for AdWords and hope for the best.