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Hi, my name is Tim Swartz. I am the owner and the operator of Near Me Local Search. I fell in love with all things computers when to my amazement my parents gifted me a Commodore 64 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodore_64) way back in the early 1980’s for a Christmas present, along with my 2 younger brothers. Included was a modem for landline phones to connect to BBS, or the (Early) internet. Day one I said even though my best subject is math, this thing will replace me before I graduate college, so I changed my major to Computer Science in 1983 at the University of Missouri. I never graduated in 1985 much to my parents’ dismay, even though I do have more than 120 credits, something about needing to learn a foreign language did not serve my interest, I figured knowing FORTRAN, Assembler, Pascal, PL-1, IMSL Database, and Basic were enough to thrive if I leveraged the high-level Math, Physics, Economics, and Chemistry classes I suffered through. I knew computers were going to be a thing. My philosophy classes allowed me to realize my path will not be linear nor obvious.

5 Star Google My Business reviews screenshot
A few 5 star Google My Business reviews from prior business clients

So, not in debt because I worked 3 Country Club jobs during college I decided to get a white-collar high paying easy job being the smart guy I thought I was. Evidently, the recession in the mid 1980’s offered me a different path. I mowed rich folk’s lawns in Mission Hills for years and had an easy, charmed life. I waited tables at the nicest places in Kansas City during the Winter such as Costello’s, Fedora’s, Fillio’s, Houston’s, Starker’s, The Raphael, and so many others. My job interview was realistically allowing them to make a fortune off me because I wanted to socialize with their staff and enjoy some perks within easy walking distance. This easy life ended when most of my equipment was stolen and a friend offered to hire me as a Sleep medicine technician that paid quite well.

This is a Google Places business map of some of the clients in Kansas City I help.

Buzzard Beach, Kelly’s, Torres Pizza, Nigro Law Firm, KC Night Train Party Bus and Limo Service, Sunset Landscape, Metro Crane Service, Clothz Minded, Friendly Cleaning Services, African Braids Of Joy, Cancun Fiesta, Eat Me Gourmet, Westport Saloon, Sleep Easy Chimney Service, various food trucks and hotdog carts, Green River Roofing, Specialty Lumber Solutions, KC Pallets, R2FACT, World Unique imports, The Tipsy Red Fox, All Metal Art Shop, Cannabis Art Shop, KOE Financial, Foto Wrap, Nyne Lives Merchandising, J&J Fireworks, Super Runner For The Lord, The Surplus Source, Federal Storage, Lander’s Vision, Bingo’s Pet Care, and hopefully your business next.

Shortlist of my Google My Business clients

The part you may care about, so I had the state of the art laptop at the time and 8 hours a night to learn in the late 1990s what was what. My patient was asleep, so I had all the time in the world to explore. I learned HTML, website design, VHTML, and started an Internet business producing websites. Basically, you could do whatever you wished, so many more tags back then and no rules. So I did push the envelope and got some easy side money earned while working my other job, and on September 4, 1998, Google appeared. I instantly fell in love. Thank God I did not stick with Yahoo. I interpolated the easiest most efficient way to hook my star to the future and to a meaningful existence. The End.

Also, if I offer to do your listing for free, I already have my reasons, and I mean what I say. I do enjoy helping underdogs, or givers. I absolutely want nothing in return but your success. I do want to pay it forward for my own selfish reasons.

I do one thing, and that one thing is to take full advantage of what Google offers, and why.

I do enjoy what I do and why.

Anyone can make a website, but not many can make a website thrive.

Near Me Local Search (816) 337-7298

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